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Training Opportunities: Presented by NZOHS and internationally certified occupational hygienists.

The Covid-19 pandemic has and is likely to continue to affect training courses run by NZOHS. While NZOHS is committed to providing opportunities for education in Occupational Hygiene and will continue to schedule courses, it is with the proviso that these could be subject to change with very little notice due to changing Covid-19 restrictions. It is currently the policy of NZOHS to continue running courses with no limitations in Covid Level 1 and to run in-person courses with a limitation on numbers of no more than ten persons (including tutors) involved in Covid Level 2. Where a scheduled course is subject to Covid Level 3 or 4 restrictions then (as much as is feasible) will be presented in an online format, with practical elements and the examination postponed to a later date when such restrictions do not apply. We appreciate the understanding of all involved as we continue to navigate this difficult time.