HASANZ CONFERENCE 2018 – Dr Julia Norris Keynote Speaker

Dr Julia Norris, is an advocate of preventative health with a unique combination of qualifications and experience in both Occupational Hygiene and Medicine. Throughout her career as both an occupational hygienist and medical doctor, she has demonstrated a passion and commitment to protecting and promoting worker health.

In the pursuit of a healthy workforce, occupational health and safety professionals often work alongside other allied health professionals.  Traditionally, the disciplines have been quite separate, with defined theoretical boundaries and often a culture of competition. However, as health and safety professionals, we are all working towards the common goal of better health in the workplace.

Our challenge in providing effective and comprehensive workplace health strategies is to recognise the potential synergy between the many allied health disciplines that exist today. There is a wealth of expertise and knowledge that we can all access by fostering closer working relationships with like minded professionals.

Julia’s address will include strategies for success in establishing effective working health collaborations, as well as the possible pitfalls. She will share case studies to illustrate what happens when we fall short, and also stories of the success that can be achieved through a systematic culture of collaboration.